A Child's Galaxy Preschool, Inc., in Bradenton, Florida, helps kids as well as pre-adolescents become well-equipped before entering the big school. With more than 25 years of child care experience, we believe that it is our responsibility to build our students' foundation for the future. With combined efforts from our teachers, parents, and the community, we guarantee your child's development and preparedness for the future.

Well-Maintained Facilities

Our classrooms have remained warm, inviting, and safe for young students. We even have cool misters that keep them refreshed and comfortable while playing outside on a hot sunny day. Our learning center is licensed to accommodate up to 63 preschoolers from ages 3 months to 12 years old.

Focusing on Your Child's Progress

 Nurture a small group of preschoolers gives us the opportunity to focus more on each child's progress. We also believe that fostering diverse cultures in our preschool helps your child gain positive social development through ethnic and social interaction with other students.

Our Philosophy

Our school's philosophy revolves around developing children's learning capabilities in small classes with homelike settings to allow them explore their imagination. We understand that every child has different talents, learning styles, and personalities. Thus, we are personally committed to focusing on all preschoolers' learning progress to guarantee optimal social, emotional, and educational results.