The First Step to Your Child's Educational Journey

A Child's Galaxy Preschool, Inc., in Bradenton, Florida, specializes in child development programs designed to provide high-quality early education. We also provide other preschool programs that focus on your child's talents and other skills. Every activity and lesson in our learning center  is created to help your child explore, share, and develop in a nurturing environment. We have everything you need for your child's developmental progress!



For the past 15 years, our curriculum has been geared towards boosting your child's social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. We provide toddler and preschool programs, Voluntary Prekindergarten Education (VPK), summer camps, and other after-school activities to promote your child's intellectual development. Our teachers also follow a strict schedule that is subject to change depending on classroom needs.


We keep our preschoolers' minds filled and their tummies full as well. We provide preschoolers with healthy, well-balanced, and home-cooked meals every day for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack time. To keep them from being bored and confined during class times, we move our younger students between two different rooms each day.

Learning Method

To fully maximize children's learning development, we encourage parents to be supportive and aware of their child's learning experiences by meeting their emotional needs at home. Our goal is to help children achieve a happy, intelligent, and well-adjusted lifestyle.